Thursday, 14 June 2018

Leather Recoloring Dubai

Whenever you are in need for leather recoloring or reupholster the old furniture, look for the upholstery cleaning company, which helps you with quality restoration or de-colouration services at low prices.

When you think about reviving sofa or car seat recoloring ? Only when the covered leather material will lose its charm and freshness. Continually exposed to harsh climatic conditions or pollution will leave it dusty and drab looking over years. But, you don't need to throw away them just because they appear worn and shabby. Approaching a leather restoration company can be a great choice to consider.

Nothing is exquisite like the leather furniture as it provides a beautiful and pleasant ambience to any interior. When you notice a crack or damage, fix it right away. If you can't do it by your own, give it for a leather scratch repair services. Trained professionals can easily carry out necessary leather restoration works thereby refurbishing the functionality and beauty of the decor.

What would be the benefits of leather recolouring? Hiring the professional services to fix your car seat repair or recolour the leather in hand bags means, you are enhancing the durability of the product. Being a cost effective way, it can save you from the excessive costs of replacements.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Leather - Ink Removal

Ink stains on a leather things are bad news. It's nearly impossible to get ink out of leather. Most of the time, you will need to hire professionals Leather cleaners to get the ink out and restore the leather materials.

You can try removing ink from your leather things with the following methods.

Wipe up the ink with a dry paper towel, trying not to spread the stain. Use a small amount of moisturizing soap and water to clean what doesn't come off with the dry paper towel.
Apply a leather care product to the spot. Choose one that is made for removing ink stains. This is the safest way to go when you have expensive leather materials/furniture. Then apply leather cleaner on the stain spoted points. Follow up with some leather protector to restore the leather's finish.

Isopropanol plain old rubbing alcohol, works best for home removal of ink stains from leather. Fresh ink stains are easier to remove and usually come out easily, while older stains may require repeat treatments.

Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rub it over the spot. Dry the area with a blow dryer so the alcohol evaporates before eating away at more of the leather. Only try this if you don't have access to leather care products.

Saturate the stained area with hairspray. Immediately wipe up the hairspray, and then apply a small amount of moisturizing soap and water. As with the alcohol, this should only be done if you don't have access to leather care products

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Extend The Life of Your Leather With These Quick and Easy Tips

Removing Stain

- Get rid of the surface stain with a damp cloth.
- Allow the leather to dry again.
- After this, use a mild cleaner like  shampoo and remove the stain completely.

Cleaning stain

- Generally, a paste of one part tartar and one part lemon juice works well to wipe dark stains off your prized leather possessions.
- Rub the paste on the problem area and leave it for 20 minutes.
- Remove it with a slight piece cloth dipped in soap or shampoo  water.
- After the removal, dry the leather with a towel. To remove stains immediately.

Avoid Strong Cleansers

Use leather are maintenance and just like everything else that falls into that category, they are also extremely delicate. So keep those alkalis and alcohol-based cleansers. Bleach, some cleaners and varnish are other items that you must never use unless you want to see serious damage or discoloration on your beloved Leather sofa or Leather upholstery.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Care Tips for Leather Sofa

Regularly apply a leather conditioner:

The most notable difference between caring for leather v/s fabric upholstery is the need to condition the leather. Leather conditioners have a creamy consistency and are designed to be buffed into the leather. Conditioning the leather regularly keeps it from drying out and developing cracks.

Vacuum dust and debris from the furniture's crevices:

Just as with any other piece of upholstered furniture, the best way to remove the dust and debris that gradually builds up in crevices and under cushions is by using your vacuum's hose attachment. No special precautions are necessary when vacuuming leather furniture.

Wipe the leather furniture down regularly with a clean, dry cloth:

The basic care routine for leather upholstery is simply wiping the furniture down with a dry cotton cloth. This will remove dust from the leather and keep it looking its best.

Leather conditioner can be purchased from many furniture stores. It is also available at auto parts stores, where it is sold for conditioning leather car interiors. In general, you should expect to condition your leather furniture once every 6 to 12 months.

Avoid using any cleaning products not designed for leather. Detergents, solvents, all-purpose cleaning sprays, ammonia, bleach, and furniture polish can all be harmful to leather furniture. Do not apply these products in an attempt to clean the furniture or remove stains. Rely on dry towels or sponges as much as possible.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Tips - Leather Care

Leather bags and purses are very susceptible to stains and spots as they’re used outdoors frequently and often placed on the floor. Many people will simply use a regular soap or detergent to tackle the stains, but this is not a good idea – soap residue left on the leather can prevent the material from breathing, causing dry patches and cracking.

Instead, follow these handy tips when you’re cleaning your leather things.

Cleaning a leather jacket involves the use of specialized leather cleaning products. Wipe the surface of the jacket with a soft damp cloth, then use leather cleaner and apply sparingly with a damp sponge. Wipe again to remove any residue, and leave to dry.

Using a cloth, wipe a small amount of a very mild detergent onto the furniture. Possible detergents might include those designed for washing delicate clothes, or a saddle soap that contains oils and waxes that will help maintain the leather shine.

Conditioning a leather jacket is very important, especially if the jacket gets damp or wet at all. A jacket should only be conditioned after it has been carefully cleaned and dried. Leave to dry naturally, closing curtains or blinds if the furniture is in direct sunlight.
Read all the care instructions on the label. Before starting the cleaning process, just to make sure there isn't a special requirement you're missing, check the instructions.