Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Leather care Technique’s

Storing leather properly when it is not being used is the most important thing you can do to keep it in its best condition. Keep it out of hot temperatures, especially extreme heat.

Heat exposure can cause the pigmented finish to bubble and to peel away. Freezing temperatures can really damage your satchel and the natural structure of it’s fibres, that give it strength, and make them brittle. Cold temperatures can also cause the pigmented coating to crack excessively, so if you don’t like that effect then it’s prudent not to let it get too cold.

Leather polish will bring a shine to your Leather, but has the potential to discolor, dry out, or clog the leather surface. Use this for special occasions, and test on a hidden area first before using a new product. Almost all leather products sold in stores include a tag describing how to clean the jacket.

Because there are many varieties of leather, not all of them distinguishable to the naked idea, follow the specific instructions on the label whenever possible. The steps below are generally safe if followed thoroughly, but no method is guaranteed to work safely on all leather.

Try to keep leather out of direct sunlight for long periods, because this can fade your leather, although we have tested our leather in direct sunlight for periods of 6-months and have only seen very slight fading,