Sunday, 20 December 2015

Leather Sofa Repair and Restoration

The Leather is particularly sensitive to stains and damage, so it needs regular attention to stay in excellent condition. It’s helpful to remember that the material should be cared for like it was skin, even though it has been removed from its host and repurposed. Because of this, removing dirt, while necessary, is not enough to keep the furniture from deteriorating. It must be treated with the proper emollients with regularity to ensure it doesn’t dry out or crack.

furniture normally comes with tags that offer many leather cleaning tips. This information can help a owner decide which substances to use when conditioning the item.leather cleaning tips will help a homeowner maintain the look and feel of the furniture.Do not use any scrubbing on the furniture, because this will likely remove the finish and damage the furniture.Older furniture was often finished with a mixture of linseed oil and various chemicals.

The Leather Doctor was launched in the United Arab Emirates, providing a growing number of companies and individuals with leather expertise through our free house calls, quickly becoming the UAE’s premier leather repair company.

Originally founded in Australia, The Leather Doctor has spent decades working closely with some of the world’s top furniture manufacturers and retailers to perfect the art of cleaning, restoring and caring for fine leather products.
Through this unique collaboration we have developed a range of products which are gentle enough to protect your investment, but strong enough to restore your leather to its former glory, whilst delivering amazing results every time.