Tuesday, 20 December 2016

To Increase Life of Leather Goods

Removing Stain

Get rid of the surface stain with a damp cloth. Then allow the leather to dry again. After this, use a mild cleaner like  shampoo and remove the stain completely.

Cleaning stain

Generally, a paste of one part tartar and one part lemon juice works well to wipe dark stains off your prized leather possessions. Rub the paste on the problem area and leave it for 20 minutes. Remove it with a slight piece cloth dipped in soap or shampoo  water. After the removal, dry the leather with a towel. To remove stains immediately.

Avoid Strong cleansers

Use leather are maintenance and just like everything else that falls into that category, they are also extremely delicate. So keep those alkalis and alcohol-based cleansers. Bleach, some cleaners and varnish are other items that you must never use unless you want to see serious damage or discoloration on your beloved Leather sofa, Leather upholstery.